Sunday, December 27, 2015

Adventure in Photography Lit

My Latest Adventure in Photography Lit...Music Too

For my b-day this year my mom, Queen Luz, asked what I wanted.  I had passed up the opportunity to purchase the Dust & Grooves text when I first noticed it for sale online a year prior.  I lose interest in books priced beyond $20 even if I really want a copy. I kept thinking about Dust & Grooves though... the text combined the best of my favorite worlds, photography and vinyl.  After my mom asked me what I wanted on my b-day, I thought about it and searched on noticing the pre-order link to the Dust & Grooves, Adventures in Record Collecting book.  Before that, every now and then I'd revisit the Dust & Groove Amazon page to check on price and availability.  For my 2015 b-day I went ahead and pre-ordered Dust & Grooves.

Forgetting all about the pre-order I was surprised when I received the light heavy weight sized box in the mail several months later.  I finally started flipping through the pages this month.  In thinking about how I read magazines like waxpoetics, Dust & Grooves, gives me the urge to listen to it. As a book each page is a new track like a literary mixtape.  

I've added the the text to the Catalogue slot of this blog, click on the image to learn more.  I've added Eilon Paz's link to "Lens Influence".  I'm inspired by his work having photographed my own love collecting music with disposable Kodaks.   

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