Saturday, November 29, 2014

Tape Decks on Pinterest / Vinyl Photos

I like wax/vinyl.  And I like to take pictures.

Set up a pinterest for galleries on music, especially for record digging trips.

Check it out!

Follow Tape Decks's board Diggin' with Dune Trip 1 on Pinterest.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Happey's Comet May 16, 1910

Photography of W.F. Stuart (El Paso, May 16, 1910)

One of my current reads is Ringside Seat to a Revolution, An Underground Cultural History of El Paso and Juarez, 1893-1923 by David Dorado Romo.  I bought my copy at Cinco Puntos Press a few years ago and from time to time take a break to read about the history of the community of which I was born and raised.  Amongst the wonderful research in this text are a bunch of really amazing photographs.  

When I stumbled across this photograph I thought about John's Astrophotography presentation with the Photography Enthusiast of El Paso group and all of the really cool shots that the group takes when they point their lens towards space.  This photograph captured by W.F. Stuart really blew me away because of its date and the periods in which the comet is visible from earth.  

I also thought about the photographer and who they were.  Back when I took to dropping by the El Paso Public Library downtown to scan old periodicals and photographs.  From Gordon Parks to James Vanderzee, as much interest as I have in photography, I try to remind myself of the importance to take time and appreciate the shooters from years past.

I'm interested in knowing more about W.F. Stuart.

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