Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Chess Everywhere"

Been playing a chess match vs. a co-worker for the past few months, a move every other day.  During this time chess has been showing up here and there.  One example, is her fall semester text for Advertising Strategy.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"1 Track @ a Time" | IRON LYON Interview
((Hold That))

What’s the background of your alias, Iron Lyon?

IRON LYON:  I've gone by the alias "Iron Lyon" since I was 13, name was inspired by a few things: first of all my last name is Lyons, second my mother was a huge Bob Marley fan and she put me on to Marley's song titled "iron. lion, zion" which also carried a message I could relate to, and 3rd, depending on how you pronounce it, it sounds like "I aint lyin" which is code I live by in my music. Strictly truth.

EP: Discuss the inspiration behind your debut album 'Time Capsule' and it's influence on future projects?

IRON LYON:  I was inspired to record my debut LP 'Time Capsule' when a fellow emcee & friend named Leftist was killed in a hit and run and at his memorial there were copies of his debut album titled 'Whats Left'. This made me realize that you never know when your time is up and that if I was to pass away I would want to leave a tangible piece of myself behind. I had always wanted to record an album but had mostly done open mics, showcase and freestyle battles to this point. I began writing and recording the album 'Time Capsule' without a clue as to what would come of it, only a hope that people would dig it up at some point. I felt that just making the music would be a success in itself and no matter what came of it I was creating an artifact that will still exist when I'm gone. I wasn't working with much of a budget and didn't have a team in place so I knew it wasn't going to get much promotion however recently with some help from a few friends and some persistence people are starting to take notice.

I have an EP called 'The Foundation EP' coming out in September on Fat Beats Records, a full length dropping in the near future as well titled 'From The Ground Up' and I'm currently finishing up an LP called 'Worldwide' featuring collaborations with producers and mc's from other countries. If you read the titles in order you can see the progression of where I'm trying to take the music.

EP: Who was behind the production on the track 'Hold That'? "So long I've spent waiting for the right moment..." quoting your first line which I feel definitely speaks to that concept of a time capsule and seizing the right time... How do you feel about the message of this track and the current state of music? What are your thoughts on how its being consumed today, as compared to how you approach the music as a listener now that you're on the other side of working to market your album... You also reference CL...

IRON LYON:  "Hold That" was produced by my long time friend Madsol Desar. Originally I had heard of him from production he had done w/ Ed OG & Talib Kweli and when we met in 2000 we spoke about doing a track together but it didnt happen til much later. When he sent me the track it instantly put me in a zone and I wrote it in one sitting. I called him up and spit it for him and he liked it so I hit the studio and recorded it. The track is about staying true to your calling and doing what comes naturally rather than conform to what everyone else is doing around you. These days the market is so saturated that it's difficult to get people to take the time to listen even if you give your music away for free. The only way to remain positive on such an uphill path for me is to see success as relative and keep the love of the music in the forefront. If I worried about record sales all day I wouldn't enjoy the craft and at the end of the day I'd rather make a record that truly moves 1 person than sell a million records that get forgotten overnight. I can say that I've paid my dues as both a DJ and an MC for almost 15 years but that doesn't mean music owes me anything. It has already introduced me to tons of amazing people, helped me to survive mentally, emotionally and financially and given me a means to tell my story and make a mark. Fame or no fame, I was here, I put my all into my passion and I didn't sell my soul. The CL reference "I got a love like CL Smooth did" was to a song called "Got a Love" which was one of the first Pete Rock & CL Smooth singles that I bought as a teenager.

EP: For people that are interested in checking out your debut album, ‘Time Capsule’ what links do they need to visit, and where else can they find more information on your music?

IRON LYON: You can download the album free and listen to upcoming releases on my bandcamp site: CLICK HERE & on CLICK HERE & you can support and buy it on itunes or order physical copy from CLICK HERE

Also i keep my twitter and facebook updated:

The Representation Show Presents... music selections subtitled ((Tape Decks Rotation)) of Hip Hop & Soul tracks. Audio postings include interview content conducted by EPmijo (EP) aka Lee (repshowhost) aka Brown Hornet. The Representation Show started on KRUX 91.5 fm at New Mexico State University in 2000, broadcasting for 8 years. 1 Track @ a Time is an online broadcast via youtube. More information on the program's history and music will be posted at

1 Track @ a Time YOUTUBE  Playlist Link: CLICK HERE


Outtakes of WAR's recordings late 70s/early 80s. My favorite group of all time. It wasn't until recently that I discovered this LP and listened. I love Jazz...WAR Jazz, even more. One of the tracks is titled "A Pattern of Time".

Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Queen Luz"

It's my Mom's birthday, August 22, 2010. 

This track is dedicated to Queen Luz, always: AUDIO*

Thursday, August 19, 2010

"The Show is Over"

Soul Session outro right here.  Classic debut from Evelyn 'Champagne' King.  She was discovered singing "A Change is Gonna Come" (Sam Cooke) while vacuum cleaning at Philly International Records. 

"You have to live life to know it..." -Champagne

Here's Champagne King in 82', the sounds of my first years:
| 'Love Come Down' | YOUTUBE*

Monday, August 16, 2010

"The Truth (Kansas Years)"

The 08' Championship for Pierce & the Celtics was unlike any other I'd ever seen.  They smashed the East in 2010.  Out of revenge for the Finals I was giving my best in NBA Live (PS3) vs. my younger brothers' Magic and Laker picks but lost in double elimination.  This afternoon ran a search on The Truth.  Above is a video from his alma mater.  As they do @ Slam Online 'For Old Time's Sake'. 

"From Darkness to Light"

A part of my interest in photography is inspired by the shots of family and friends (past and present).  The photograph above is courtesy of Jus aka B.Gravity (Hov) (shots taken cross country).       

Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Peddlin' Music on the Side"

"Peddlin' music on the side
Trying to find a place in the Top 100
Peddlin' music on the side
Praying fortune
Will let me ride

I got a little job, don't earn much money
They said my future would be bright
But it looks far from sunny
I sing my songs in shady places
Trying to impress a crowd
with unimpressed faces

Working hard trying to build a name
Peddlin' music is a mighty tough game
Don't wanna be no prince of sound
Just wanna decent life for the love I found
(That's why I'm)
Peddlin' music on the side
Trying to find a place in the Top 100
Peddlin' music on the side
Praying fortune
Will let me ride

The woman I love and some day wanna marry
She deserves something better
Than just another load to carry
Love is beautiful but it needs support
Without security the trip is short
(That's why I'm)
Peddlin' music on the side
Trying to find a place in the Top 100
Peddlin' music on the side
Praying fortune
Will let me ride..."

-Lamont Dozier (1977)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"My Vinyl Weighs a Ton"

HipHopDX Interview w/ DJ Danny Dann the Beat Mann: click here

"More Than Words Can Say"

One of my all time favorite LP covers featuring WAR/The Lowrider Band harmonica musician, Lee Oskar. The Art Direction is credited to Ron Coro, illustration by Joe Garnett and concept by Lee Oskar. All seven tracks are 100%. Check out Jimmie Spheeris story on restoring one of Coro's cover designs (click here). I recall the landscape of a dream I had as a kid taking the form of Weather Report's Black Market LP cover art. Not too long ago, Waxpoetics released a text titled Cover Story, Album Cover Art and are soon to release Cover Story, Volume Two: Odd, Obscure, and Outrageous Album Art. More information is available at ..."Every album cover tells a story."

Thursday, August 05, 2010

"Nick Moir's Story"

Sydney Morning Herald Post Photos 1440

Video: click here
"Shining Stars"

I've been around records since my born day through my mother and father and been a collector on my own for almost a decade now. I dug for records more so when I was doing radio in between 2000 and 2008, but lately, I've had the chance to get away on a lunch break or annual leave to shuffle through crates, cardboard boxes and the shelves of Goodwills, the Salvation Army, Thrift Stores, garage/estate sales, and what's become one of my favorite stops, All That Music in EP, TX. It's where I found the Manhattans record above, the cover catching my eye with all the flying LPs. I'm not much about collecting for value or rarity and with a taste for various genres, its opened up the chance to collect just about anything wherever I go including LPS, .45s, cassettes, & used CDs. In my opinion there is no documentation like the soul of music. As a collector, listener & fan of many of these artist, the process never gets old. Walking into a store, flipping through the top lining of unique LP covers, stopping at that one record you've never seen before, studying the details of the cover, the credits, and your imagination running with the titles of songs, some you're familiar with, others you know you've never heard.

From time to time, I like to post album covers. Just cause.