Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"February 22, 1965 (El Paso Times)"

The El Paso Times, 46 years ago this day.  "A fusilade of gunfire cut down the fiery Negro extremist, Malcolm X, as he rose to address a rally Sunday in an upper Manhattan ballroom.  At least five men were believed to have sprung the fatal ambush, after lurking amid the ranks of 500 of his disciples."

I was doing some research on El Paso's history one evening at the downtown library when I decided to see what it was that local papers had reported the day after Malcolm was assassinated.   

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Saturday Night After the Movies"

"THE MOVIE ALBUM starring Ramsey Lewis with a large supporting cast of musicians under the direction  of Richard Evans is a natural, beautiful production.  The source material is drawn from the rich resources of the motion-picture industry's wellspring of screen themes.  One movie theme after another in recent years has leaped to incredible heights of popularity.  This musical spring tide has been rising with the powerful aid of some magnetically attractive motion-picture music.  Certainly the trend of utilizing movies as a vehicle for creative thematic scores offers heavy competition to Broadway musicals which have held a dominant hand as a major outlet for American musical literature."

-Herb Wong, KJAZ

Thursday, February 03, 2011


This was the original cover that I discovered Durango Street shuffling through the shelves of Veteran's Park Library during the early 90s.  One of my favorite books along with Walter Dean Myers texts.  I don't think they revise the content when they release the book with a new cover, or maybe they do?  Reading the newer version, it doesn't seem the same.  Maybe its the cover.  Durango Street, life classic.