Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chance as a Photographer's Tool, 'Shooting from the Hip in Chicago': click here
Article by John Makely of photographer Scott Strazzante | NBC News

"Strazzante started with the "shooting from the hip" method as a way to avoid that camera awareness of his subjects.  "No one is putting on a show, even though they are in public, they still have a reality to it.  There's not any kind of influence from me because I'm just another pedestrian," he said.

Additionally, Strazzante discovered a path to a newfound creativity along the way.  "I came to realize that the compositions that I made that were more happenstance are more interesting than the ones that my brain could put together.  I really enjoyed that suprise of, oh, this leg is in there framing this or, I got low enough for this, all this was in the frame."