Sunday, August 03, 2014

Happy B-Day Lil' Lucy 2014

Lil' Lu's 2-Year B-Day Celebration

Throughout her entire b-day week I was snapping shots.  Luckily on the day of her b-day, I forgot my cell phone and wallet at the crib and decided to head back home for lunch.  My younger bro and his daughter, Lil' Emi, just happened to be there which allowed me to get a couple shots on her born day.  This past Saturday and Sunday commenced a celebration for Lil' Lucy at the park, the aquatic center, and at the house of my brother's family for some delicious grilling and baking to welcome her 2nd year on earth.  With my index finger tip hovering and pressing over the button of my Fuji cam, I captured enough shots to develop a nice photo gift for her to remember what she'll more than likely forget at her age.  

While developing the photo gift I listened to Alvin Masters piano music.  A digital project called Dream Inside a Dream and Cantando.  Over the weekend we dedicated ((Happy Birthday)) by Stevie Wonder to Lil' Lucy, check out the HHA Tweet: click here.

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